Building Services Engineering

As Building Services engineers, it is our responsibility to ensure the comfort, safety, productivity and sustainability of the built environment. Our team create innovative solutions to achieve your goals that fit your budget and adhere to Australian Standards.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists in electrical and mechanical engineering, fire protection, vertical transport and hydraulics. We specialise in the design, installation and inspection of building services solutions across various sectors, including commercial buildings, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, medical and aged care facilities, childcare centres, service stations, existing building upgrades and tenancy fit-outs.

With increasing pressure to create a greener and more sustainable built environment, you can have peace of mind that legislative and best practice criteria are met when you work with us. Our consultants use the latest technology and design principles and are familiar with the latest policy settings and government targets for sustainable development.

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Why TMK for Building Services engineering?

TMK engineers are committed to transparency and communication when it comes to customer service. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that we will work closely with all stakeholders, implement innovative solutions and deliver the best value.

Our expertise:

  1. Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering
  2. M&E cost planning and control
  3. Project management and contract administration
  4. Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)
  5. Greenstar Building accreditation and NABERS energy performance ratings
  6. Sustainable design and low carbon engineering
  7. Value engineering
  8. Functional and feature lighting design
  9. Fire protection assessments and design
  10. Water management and assessment
  11. Public health assessments
  12. IT and communication systems
  13. Fire detections, security and CCTV installations
  14. Building Information Modelling
  15. Part J Energy Efficiency Design Compliance
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Electrical Services

TMK provides electrical engineering solutions for all types of projects, including commercial, retail, education, hospitality, medical, government and residential.

We specialise in designing systems that are energy-efficient, cost-effective and easily maintained throughout the buildings life cycle. Our highly skilled team are experienced in lighting, communication and cabling infrastructure design that delivers results and complies with Australian Standards.

Our electrical engineering expertise includes:

  1. General and specialist lighting design
  2. Communication infrastructure design including building and room design
  3. High and low voltage electrical infrastructure systems
  4. Light spill assessment
  5. External lighting for roads, landscapes, sporting facilities and public areas
  6. Solar and renewable power generation and storage design
  7. Exit and emergency lighting
  8. Switchboard designs
  9. CCTV and security system design
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Mechanical Services

Our Mechanical Services team specialises in the design, installation and inspection of mechanical engineering solutions. We have a proven track record across various sectors, including commercial, retail, education, university, medical, residential and government.

Using the latest principles and technology, we deliver custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions that ensure reliability, comfort, and cost efficiency for the long term. HVAC systems are significant energy consumers, so we incorporate energy-efficient principles to comply with Australian Standards and meet your long term requirements.

Our mechanical engineering expertise includes:

  1. Building and energy management systems
  2. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design
  3. Site audit investigation
  4. Smoke ventilation systems
  5. Carpark exhaust systems
  6. Modifications to existing air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  7. Specialty system design for clean rooms, industrial exhaust and process piping
  8. Heat recovery systems
  9. District heating and cooling systems
  10. Refrigeration plant assessment and design
  11. Materials handling systems design
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Fire Protection

Our Fire Protection team identify the critical fire protection and code issues, design requirements and code equivalencies for all types of buildings. We document systems that will reach project objectives, including fire service response plans.

Our implementation methods work towards common fire and life safety goals by integrating code provisions to coordinate a cost-effective, efficient project approach. We provide guidance from inception and throughout construction, including on-site reviews of existing or new facilities to identify fire protection deficiencies.

Our Fire Protection expertise includes:

  1. Residential and commercial fire sprinklers
  2. Fire hydrant and fire hose reels
  3. Residential and commercial fire sprinklers
  4. Fire detection and alarm systems
  5. Emergency warning and intercommunication
  6. Portable fire extinguishers
  7. Access and egress assessment and design
  8. Emergency lighting systems
  9. Mechanical smoke hazard management
  10. Performance solutions
  11. Fire service response plans
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Hydraulic Services

TMK’s hydraulics experts work with clients and design teams to develop cost-effective strategies for the provision of plumbing and drainage services. We provide integrated solutions that meet the challenges related to establishing new water systems or expanding existing water resources.

The Australian environment presents unique challenges around water transportation and consumption. Using the latest methods and world-leading technology, we create hydraulic design and engineering solutions that maximise water efficiency and quality.

Our hydraulic services expertise includes:

  1. Infrastructure solutions for potable water, wastewater and recycled water
  2. Feasibility studies and network modelling
  3. Water recycling and stormwater harvesting
  4. Reclamation systems
  5. Water supply development
  6. Water resource planning
  7. Wastewater management systems
  8. Water treatment plans
  9. Heated water
  10. System audits

Vertical Transport

Our Vertical Transport specialists deliver practical, performance-based solutions to ensure ease of movement throughout a building. We know that well-designed lifts and escalators improve the efficiency and usability of a building. Ensuring that these facilities are efficient, safe and reliable is essential.

We have worked on all kinds of projects, including commercial, retail, high-rise accommodation and industrial projects, requiring everything from stunning passenger lifts to robust goods lifts and effective travellator systems. Our highly skilled team of engineers are committed to providing support throughout all stages of the project.

Our vertical transportation expertise includes:

  • Passenger lifts
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Goods lifts
  • Elevators
  • Travelators