TMK Celebrates Workplace Milestones

We recently celebrated some of our TMK staffers' work anniversaries. The milestones ranged from 5 years to 30 years. Congrats, what an achievement!

The length of service is a positive reflection of the culture we strive to create which includes recognition & and appreciation. Every employee at TMK is integral to our success and these long-timers deserve a moment in the spotlight

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We would like to acknowledge the hard work and service of:-

John Sergi - Building Services team - 5 years

Emma Zhang- Structural T]team - 5 years

Adrian Ko - Building Services team- 10 years

Adam Hughes- Urban team - 10 years

Judy Lee- Structural team- 15 years

Ramesh Rajbhandari - Structural team - 15 years

Raik Bosse- CAFE team - 20 years

Sonja Haynes- Business Support team- 30 years