Forensic Engineering

TMK is a leading provider of forensic engineering services. Our team of highly respected engineers undertake technical forensic investigations for all kinds of buildings, structures and environments.

Through forensic engineering, we investigate and analyse all factors that have contributed to structural failures. We have assisted all levels of government, asset managers, builders and contractors, insurance companies, solicitors and private clients with detailed forensic analysis and reports.

Our forensic experience includes asset condition assessments, storm and fire damage, structural roof failures, damage caused by environmental influences, retaining wall failures, and footing failures. We are also experienced in dilapidation studies of buildings or structures before the commencement of significant works, alterations and preservations of heritage buildings and structures, and specifications for all types of structural repairs.

Why TMK for Forensic Engineering?

Our team of technical experts are experienced across a diverse range of engineering disciplines and investigations. They are structural sleuths who use science to determine the contributing factors impacting the structure and provide guidance on how to proceed. TMK has been providing forensic services to the building and construction, insurance and legal sectors as well as all levels of government for many years.

Our forensic engineers use high-end technology tools and an extensive range of destructive and non-destructive site testing methods to conduct forensic assessments. This allows our engineers to offer precise structural observations without interfering with the structure.

We are committed to working in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders by providing transparent and clear communication at every step. Each case is treated with diligence and precision, with no detail left unexamined. Following our investigation, you will receive a comprehensive report of the structural capability and reliability, defects, current structural condition, and details on remediation measures.

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Our forensic expertise include:

  1. Forensic technical investigations
  2. Inspections of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and civil structures
  3. Destructive and non-destructive site testing
  4. Due diligence reports
  5. Expert reports and expert witness services
  6. Reconstruction of accidents and failures
  7. Storm and fire damage assessments
  8. Pre-construction assessments on existing structures
  9. Roof assessments and damage
  10. Dilapidation surveys
  11. Remediation reports and guidance
  12. Advice for the preservation of heritage buildings
  13. Specifications for structural repairs