Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is about making our towns and cities work for the people that live there. We provide civil engineering services for all types of civil engineering projects. Often it involves things we take for granted but would be hard to live without, like roads, offices, airports, dams, water and power supply, and so much more.

Sustainable site infrastructure is an essential ingredient to the success of any property development project. From evaluating power supply infrastructure to designing sub-pavement stormwater collection systems, water sensitive urban design (WSUD), road design and bulk earthworks design.

Our Civil team has a broad range of engineering skills to cover all your civil engineering requirements.

TMK’s engineers and drafters are experienced across various projects, including mixed-use developments, sporting facilities, civic buildings, high-density urban developments, shopping centres and everything in between.

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Why TMK for Civil Engineering?

Our experienced team of engineers, drafters and technical specialists are experts in feasibility studies, master planning, engineering design and documentation for civil projects.

Civil projects are often complex, with various community, environmental, social, regulatory and economic elements to consider. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders throughout the entire process to ensure we have a holistic understanding of all aspects of the project. Through our collaborative approach, we can deliver engineering solutions that lead to successful outcomes for our clients.

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Our civil engineering services include:

  1. Urban development master planning
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Environmental sustainability assessments
  4. Utility evaluation studies
  5. Water system analysis
  6. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD)
  7. Wastewater management
  8. Soil erosion and drainage management control (SEDMP)
  9. Road design
  10. Bulk earthworks design
  11. Site investigations
  12. Design and documentation
  13. Site planning and design
  14. Site demolition
  15. Site plans for paving, grading and utilities
  16. Water reticulation
  17. Recycled water reticulation
  18. Stormwater hydrologic and hydraulic studies and design
  19. Stormwater pollution prevention systems
Our Recent Civil Projects
Lockley’s Oval
Lockley’s Oval
Bowden Reserve
Bowden Reserve