Fifteenth Street Group Stay

Renmark, SA
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Fire

The project aimed to revitalise an underused hall and create an accommodation offering that caters to various groups visiting the Riverland, including sports teams, schools, workers, and overflow guests from the renowned Hotel Renmark.

TMK provided a range of engineering consultancy services including all building services and structural.

The brief for the project was a space that not only served its purpose efficiently but also exhibited aesthetic appeal, comfort, and durability. It was crucial for the design to seamlessly tie in with the overall impression of the Hotel Renmark while paying homage to the art deco era.

The development includes thirteen shared dorm-style rooms that offer a balance of privacy and community, a shared kitchen and lounge space, and communal bathrooms.

The Group Stay achieves a balance of functionality and aesthetics that meets the diverse needs of its guests and is a welcome addition to the hospitality offerings within Renmark.

Images from SMFA. Find out more.

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