Condition Audit - Marine Assets

Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  • Forensic
  • Condition Audit
  • Marine Assets
  • Structural

TMK worked with Kangaroo Island Council to undertake a Structural Condition Audit of existing Marine Assets across 5 marine-based locations. For this project TMK, in collaboration with Adelaide Commercial Divers, investigated and reported on the structural condition of a variety of Marine structures, both above and below water level.

Underwater imagery provided by Adelaide Commercial Divers. TMK Employees photographed include Raik Bosse (Associate Director) and Jarred Robinson (Engineer).

Marine assets included:

  • Christmas Cove Marina
  • Emu Bay Boat Ramp
  • Emu Bay Jetty
  • Bay of Shoals Boat Ramp
  • American River Boat Ramp
  • Baudin Beach Boat Ramp

Scope included:

  • Site audit – below and above water level
  • Specifications for repair, remediation and long term maintenance
  • 10 Year Capital Expenditure and Maintenance Forecast for each particular asset

This assessment provided the KI Council with a baseline record of the condition in order to:

  • Plan for and manage the delivery of the required level of future maintenance.
  • Avoid premature asset failure and enable the option of cost-effective renovation.
  • Manage risk and plan for asset failures and mitigate consequences of failure.
  • Determine expenditure requirements through understanding remaining asset life.
  • Refine maintenance and rehabilitation strategies and priorities.
  • Enable informed decisions in regards to long term maintenance vs. asset replacement.
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