Kozy Kids Childcare Centre

Glenside, South Australia
  • Building Services

Located in Glenside, Kozy Kids acquired an existing heritage storey building in Glenside which continued to operate during the expandsion with the aim to cater for 130 children.

The project involved the refurbishment of the existing building (retaining many original features) and connecting to a new two storey modern building whilst establishing a distinct relationship between the building’s history and modernity. The client had a vision to provide a communal and connected play place that efficiently utilised the different aspect of historic and modern look. The incorporation of various suspended ceiling heights were provided to maintain the zoning of play area to enable the staff to have different creative activities in a variety of zones whilst in an open area.

We had the pleasure of working on the Building Services Design for this project which included the restoration and refurbishment of an existing heritage-listed building, and a brand new adjoining learning and administration premise.

Lighting Concept

TMK were integral in the design of the lighting in this project. We were shortlisted as a finalist at the IES Lighting awards (2022) based on the successful outcomes.

To establish the lighting design concept, careful consideration was taken to ensure that the final product matched the interior design intent, whist complying with the Australian Standards AS1680.

The client wanted the entrance of the childcare to start with a simple home feel. The intent was to create an area where children were not intimidated and reduced anxiety. Once greeted by staff, they would be accompanied to their class play area. To meet the brief TMK designed the corridor with a Zig Zag LED extrusion. This element aimed to focus the children on feeling excited on route to entering their nominated play area. The feedback provided confirmed that the kids interact with the space in a positive manner and approached their play areas with enthusiasm to discover what lay ahead.

The architect also designed amenities pod and play area pods with a tree house feel to make the areas more approachable for the children. Lamp colour output selection was considered, as a means to enhance these specific areas.

Within the more public area of the workplace, high quality luminaires were an important factor in achieving an overall sleek, modern aesthetic while highlighting carefully restored existing features. Long life quality LED fittings were used to reduce the need for replacement of light fittings and for energy effectiveness.

Organisations involved in the project

Client - DBRB Property
Architect - Evo Arc Adelaide
Engineers - TMK Consulting Engineers & PT Design (Structural)
Builders - Cook Building

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