St Joseph's School, Peterborough

Peterborough, South Australia
  • Building Services
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

At the invitation of Stallard Meek - Flightpath Architects, TMK were engaged in the preparation of Feasible Study, Design Documentation and the Construction Assistance Phase for St Joseph's School, Peterborough. TMK provided Building Services consisting of Electrical Services, Mechanical Services, Fire Services & Hydraulic Services with compliance to the current Australian Standards and Catholic Education Standards as further detailed below.

The above photos were taken and provided by Sam Dougherty.

The Details

  • The Mechanical Services consisted of providing efficient design for air-conditioning, outside air systems, fume cupboards, ducted exhaust systems and intelligent automated smart controls.
  • The Electrical Services consisted of Authorities Negotiations and Liaison, Low voltage system design, Artificial lighting including smart control, Communication, MATV distribution system, Access control system and PA systems.
  • The Hydraulic Services consisted of Authorities Negotiations and Liaison, water, sewer and energy efficient hot water design.
  • The Fire Services component consisted of Authorities Negotiations and Liaison, assessment and modification to the existing fire system.
  • The ESD design component include high-efficiency air conditioning system, energy efficient smart lighting systems and hot water systems.
  • Referring to the above images, take special note of:
    • The retractable power cords within the ceiling that are designed to provide for a safe working environment keeping the power cords out of reach, whilst also allowing for a tidy study area.
    • The invisible lights fit seamlessly into the paneled ceiling design, giving the illusion of invisibility whilst also providing a practical amount of light throughout the room.
    • The walls of glass that allow for an abundance of natural light as well as close-by emergency exits.
    • The hidden television, disguised by open-able whiteboards.
    • The yellow paint in conjunction with the natural light work together to inspire creativity, fun and school spirit.
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